Aria Neurosciences, Inc. (Aria) is an emerging biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing novel disease modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).


Current standard of care therapies are aimed at ameliorating cognitive and behavioral symptoms (memory loss, depression, psychoses, etc.).  However, there are no disease-modifying treatments available.


A preclinical lead compound from Aria’s proprietary small molecule library has been identified. This compound, ARN2966, has demonstrated potent modulation of the expression of amyloid precursor protein (APP) leading to a reduced production of amyloid beta-peptide (Aβ), the peptide which is specifically associated with the onset and progression of AD. ARN2966 is bioavailable following oral administration and demonstrates blood-brain barrier (BBB) penetration in mice. This lead compound has also demonstrated efficacy in a transgenic mouse model of AD, resulting in improved memory performance and reduced Aβ deposition. Chronic dosing of ARN2966 has revealed no obvious sign of toxicity in mice at elevated doses. Aria is currently in lead optimization and plan to file an IND within 18 months from financing.


Aria's management team is led by its founder, Bijan Almassian, Ph.D., a senior biotechnology executive and entrepreneur. The team has extensive expertise in the drug development and business development activities required to realize the value Aria’s existing assets.



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